Female’s Voices Are More Attractive

      The fact that people like female voices has a lot to do with how they are perceived in society.  Females are usually associated with qualities such as helping, teaching and learning.  This plays a big part in why they are great for corporate videos as well.

      It is scientifically proven that females’ voices are more melodious.  Actually, male and female voices are processed in different parts of the brain.  Female’s voices are processed by the hearing area, the same area that processes music.

      Female’s voices are more powerful.

      In general, female voices are preferred because they are considered more convincing.  Male vocals are known to be dominant, which is why they are often so dominant to appear seductive and attractive.  In contrast, female vocals have the right balance between attractiveness and attractiveness.

      Female’s voice is clear

      Most of the time, female voices are perceived to be more pronounced than male voices.  Especially the deep male voice.  Females essentially have a higher voice than men (an octave higher).  This makes them more different.

      Why do people trust voice actresses:-

      To explain how quickly people determine whether they can trust someone, psychologist Phil McAleer of the University of Glasgow conducted an experiment.  It recorded 64 men and females speaking, then 320 participants in 64 voices only heard the word “hello”.

      Tone: The higher tone of the female voice creates more confidence in the listener than the lower tone of the male voice.  A very deep male voice was chosen as the least credible.

      Inflection: Feminine voices at the end of a word or sentence indicate a level of certainty that they automatically rely on.

      pain relief

      Relaxing and beneficial nature

      A recent survey by Harris Interactive found that 46% of respondents found Female’s voices to be more relaxing than men’s voices.  Soothing voices can calm people down, and people are more likely to trust them when they are comfortable.

      Clear And Melodious Voice overs

      clearer, sweeter

      The clear and melodious nature of a female voice can affect her confidence as well as the fact that female and male voices are processed in different parts of the brain.  A study found that female voices are processed in the auditory region of the brain, the same area that processes music.  Male voices are processed in an area in the back of the brain called the “brain’s eye”.

      Female are also more trustworthy in person

      It makes sense that guys are more likely to trust a female voice because they are more likely to trust a woman in person.  A management survey found this to be true for CEOs.  People are more likely to trust and follow female CEOs than men.  They are more likely than their male counterparts to purchase from people they trust and trust sellers.

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